Research conducted by Sovhi Silius in May 2019, mapping the current state of youth participation within the Caravan Youth and Social Circus Network.

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The objective of this report is to paint a picture of the current state of youth participation within Caravan Circus Network. The idea to conduct this report came from discussions in a working group in the General Assembly of Caravan, organised in Prague 14th to 15th of February 2019. The group discussing youth involvement pointed out that there is no information available on what activities the member organisations are already doing regarding youth participation, and what their attitudes are towards it.

Also, the group concluded that it would be important to look the theoretical part of youth participation and think about why and how Caravan wants to develop youth participation within the network.

The report is based on a questionnaire sent to all the members of Caravan Circus Network and interviews that were conducted with both young people and adult organisers, relatingto the theme of youth participation.