Kreativni Pogon

Our organisation  use circus as an tool for solving social and community issues around Serbia trough different projects. Our goal is also developing capability of human body and psychic state of all ages from children to seniors, we are promoting circus as an  multidisciplinary artistic, cultural, social, community and pedagogical form.  2017. we  established  first circus school  in Serbia .

We started  school season in 2020/21 with 6 students and now  we have about 60 students from 4  till 16 year old and this number is growing. Still dreaming about educated educators and  school with necessary standards.  In mean time, 2018. we made contact with circus school from Temishoara – Rumenia and made good cooperation for last two years. Temishora circus school give us knowledge about circus pedagogy and  funambulism. Unfortunately  we did not having connection during pandemic time.  Also in mai 2021 we made contact and had zoom meeting to Fuskabo circus from Ljubljana – Slovenia and looking forward first opportunity to make live contact with them.

 Novi Sad will be  ECOC at 2022 and our project  Take balance – with circus is one of the project is including 10 primary schools, school for children with special needs, team of psichopogists, and many more…We gonna make an advocacy panel discussion  for school system.  Also we started an institutoinad developing of our project of decentralization of culture K3. 



Phone +33 (0) 6 12 97 23 19

1 Impasse de la Renardière
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