We help to facilitate the exchange of volunteers between our members. Each year more than 20 young people are either hosted or sent by Caravan members. Our volunteers get to experience first-hand life as a circus trainer in an interational circus school.
There are two types of volunteering you could get involved in:
>European-funded programme: Youth Solidarity Corps
>Volunteer internationally (non-European funded) 

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European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps

Caravan has a network of exchange for volunteers within Europe, in support the mobility of young people in circus. 

By getting involved in the real-life activities of our youth and social circus schools, young people are able to boost their competancies, increase their international awareness and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The European Solidarity Corps (formally known as European Voluntary Service) is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe.

You have to be 18-30 years old to take part (you can apply when you’re 17)

More information on the European Solidarity Corps for participants here.


Galway Community Circus

Location: Galway, Ireland

The experience will conclude with the organisation and participation of the Wires Crossed festival that will see 400 people of all backgrounds including artists and trainers, crossing the Claddagh River as part of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture!

They’re looking for
-People with experience or interest in social work, education, sport or circus and/or project management and coordination, administration, costumes or graphic design.
-Keen to work and learn in a youth circus

Information and application click here

École de cirque de bruxelles

Location: Brussels, Belgium


For a period of 12 months, they participate in different projects and take part in the school activities. The aim is to build a program with the volunteer, according to their knowledges, experiences and desires can be part of our institution.
The projects of Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles are constantly evolving, our needs and priorities can change over time. It is why the volunteers need to be able to adapt, to change, to work with a team and be motivated by the project.

• Administration : welcome of the students, has contact with the parents, the administration is the central point of information in the school.
• Communication : assist the follow-up and develop the communication strategy, work with graphic tools, writes promotional texts, media monitoring, follow up, managing the communication plan, digital communication through social media and website, co-organise events of the school
• Logistic : assist in the everyday organisation of the school, following the technical material (concerning security and installation), collaboration with all the sectors. Logistical organisation of the events.
• Others : flexible depending on volunteer skills, expectations, propositions and availabilities.

They’re looking for

The candidates must be able to communicate in french and have either knowledge, experience or strong motivation to apply to one of the sector.

Information and application click here

Information for hosting organisations

In order to participate in the European Solidarity Corps, volunteering, traineeship and job activities, organisations should obtain a Quality Label. Organisations with a valid European Voluntary Service accreditation can participate in volunteering activities without holding a Quality Label.
More information and application to host volunteers here

Volunteer Internationally

Volunteer Internationally


Zip zap Circus

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Volunteers come to Zip Zap from all over the world to contribute their time and dedication to our organisation while gaining new skills and experience to further their personal and career goals.

Circus Instruction and Performing Arts Education: Teach circus, dance, music, theater, improvisation, teaching techniques, music/video production and editing, human health and wellness, muscle conditioning, etc. to our youth and young adult learners.

Non Profit Management: Marketing assistance, fundraising assistance, data management, administrative skills, financial management, etc
Art and Media: Design graphics, create and record music, photo or video logs of our performances, scenography etc.
Community Building: Tutor and mentor our young students, assist our youth outreach initiatives, integrate our youth shelter into its local community, etc.

They’re looking for: Minimum stay for office volunteers is 6 months
Application: www.zip-zap.co.za/volunteering/



Location: Mardin, Turkey

Business, design & graphics, pedagogy, administration & cultural management as well as in artists, clowns and artistic (a part from of teachers for juggling and acrobatic gym) and administration teachers.
Application: volunteer@sirkhane.org



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