Zip zap Circus

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Volunteers come to Zip Zap from all over the world to contribute their time and dedication to our organisation while gaining new skills and experience to further their personal and career goals.

Circus Instruction and Performing Arts Education: Teach circus, dance, music, theater, improvisation, teaching techniques, music/video production and editing, human health and wellness, muscle conditioning, etc. to our youth and young adult learners.

Non Profit Management: Marketing assistance, fundraising assistance, data management, administrative skills, financial management, etc
Art and Media: Design graphics, create and record music, photo or video logs of our performances, scenography etc.
Community Building: Tutor and mentor our young students, assist our youth outreach initiatives, integrate our youth shelter into its local community, etc.

They’re looking for: Minimum stay for office volunteers is 6 months



Location: Mardin, Turkey

Business, design & graphics, pedagogy, administration & cultural management as well as in artists, clowns and artistic (a part from of teachers for juggling and acrobatic gym) and administration teachers.