Altro Circo

Location Italy 
Year established 2014
Caravan Member since 2016
Aim AltroCirco is a program for the development and the promotion of Social Circus in Italy

AltroCirco is a program of Association Giocolieri & Dintorni for the development and acknowledgement of Social Circus in Italy. It has developped a network of the associations and individuals working with Social Circus in Italy, in order to support a common process of growth and promote circus as an instrument of social transformation. AltroCirco has the following mission: Network – Research – Professional Training & Sharing methodologies 

Partnership with Ecuador Social Circus Network (Tejido de Circo Social) to send and share volunteers in the social projects.
Altra Risorsa: International Conference on social circus topics.
2015: practices and theories of social circus
2016: abilities and dis-abilities in social circus
2017: circus as a cultural encounters; circus with migrants
2018: circus as a community developer
FiX: Italian Social Circus Training: A 200 hours training spread during all the year, in collaboration with the university of Rome, Tor Vergata, and with Cirque du Monde; to develop the competencies of the social circus trainer.


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92220 Bagneux

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