Location Belfast, United Kingdom
Year established 
Caravan Member since 

Students per week
Vision To transform lives and communities through the power of circus arts and street theatre 
The mission statement of the Circusful commits to:
“Transform lives and communities through the power of circus arts and street theatre “
To this end, the Circusful acts not only as a vehicle for bringing about personal development through teaching children and young people in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Northern Ireland, but also as a training school for professional teachers and performers of circus arts.
In addition, the Circus acts as a promoter for performers, and as a venue to host visiting and indigenous circus productions.
As well as this, Circusful boasts a cross community Youth Circus which has been run continuously throughout the troubled times of the past twenty three years, providing training and performance opportunities for young people aged 8-18 irrespective of their backgrounds.
Since 1999, the School has been resident in purpose built circus premises in a neutral area right in the heart of the city of Belfast.
If you are ever in the neighbourhood, please call in for a guided tour and a chat.

International Cooperation Projects
Circus Works

Youth Circus Projects
NYCE 2019 at National Centre for Circus Arts in London
Irish Youth Circus Gathering 2018

Social Circus Projects
uffolk Youth Circus outreach group
Cross Community circus classes with Ardoyne Youth Club
Portadown Circus



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