Location Berlin, Germany

CABUWAZI is a youth circus in Berlin that started in 1994 and is part of GrenzKultur gGmbH since 2010. With its six sites in different areas of the city, CABUWAZI offers circus pedagogical leisure activities for children and young people between 2 and 27 years – many of them free of charge. CABUWAZIs activities are based on the idea that people and children specifically, need to develop social competences in order to build a stable and safe environment. Together with the physical development circus provides – strength, balance, coordination – circus demands a certain trust in yourself as well as others, which they teach through games, training, and performances. Each year around 12,000 children and young people train at CABUWAZI.

GrenzKultur gGmbH also runs the Circus Akademie Berlin that offers further education and ongoing professional workshops for circus educators, and Alegria – Institut für Zirkustherapie, which provides resource-orientated, therapeutic services for children and young people, helping them deal with difficult feelings as well as teaching techniques for self-regulation.



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