Our Circus Trans Formation In Action training programme is still at the core of Caravan’s activity, and continues to develop new generations of social circus trainers. It’s the outcome of a 5-year European research carried out by 2 universities, 8 Caravan members and the Caravan office, resulting in the development of a framework of competences for social circus trainers.

We continue to use our Guidebook for Social Circus Trainers to teach social circus trainers across the world and produce international exchanges of ideas.

Circus in Trans Formation in Action 3 concluded this year in December, creating a strong group of inspiring trainers, that continue to develop partnerships after the training. 


Galway Community Circus, Ireland

AltroCirco, Italy 

Belfast Community Circus School, United Kingdom

CIRQUEON, Czech Republic

Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, France 

Sorin Sirkus, Finland

Upsala Zirk, Russia

Metis Gwa, Guadeloupe

Ecole de Cirque  de Bruxelles , Belgium

Sirkhane, Turkey

Ton sur Ton, Switerland


20 circus trainers


Module A  : Social Context. 26-30 March 2018 in Bagneux (France) and hosted by Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (France) 

Module B : Act of Teaching. 4-8 June 2018 in Tampere (Finland) and hosted by Sorin Sirkus 

Module C: Management/Steering of teaching. 8-12 October 2018 in Brussels (Belgium) and hosted by  Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles

Module D : Circus Techniques & Creativity. 3-7 December 2018 in Galway (Ireland) and hosted by Galway Community Circus