about us


The international non-profit association « CARAVAN »  was officially founded in October 2008 with 6 European youth and social circus organisations. In 2018, Caravan gathers 30 members. Out of the 30 organisations, 22 are European with other members hailing from all over the world.

Together, they share the common objective to promote circus practices in youth education and to encourage its development, through concrete actions such as youth exchanges and training for trainers programme. The association is also committed to promoting collaboration and exchanges in the field of youth and social circus.

Caravan has been receiving official support from the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), by awarding the association an operating grant for one year as a “body active” at European level in the field of youth in the framework of the by Erasmus+ programme. This official recognition by the European commission rewards the important work and involvement of Caravan and its members for the benefit of the young people in Europe.


Main objective

To use Circus Arts to create positive personal, community and social change.

General objectives

  • To advocate for the positive impact of youth and social circus
  • To develop innovative pedagogical approaches for youth and social circus
  • To promote, through international co-operation, the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of social circus
  • To maximise opportunities and pathways for people engaged in youth and social circus to connect across Europe and beyond
  • Professionalize pedagogic, social, artistic and administrative skills of the sector

To this end, CARAVAN determines to

  • Organise intercultural exchanges to promote personal development, citizenship and circus creativity of young people
  • Organise vocational educational programmes for trainers, artists and managers in the field of youth and social circus
  • Support hosting and sending of volunteers on international level
  • Develop agreed accreditation in the field of youth and social circus
  • Evaluate and disseminate evidence of the impacts of social circus and promote best practice
  • Operate on local, national and international level
  • Promote the inclusion of circus arts in formal and non-formal education