Hip Cirq Europ’ – Artistic project

Hip Cirq Europ’ is a multidisciplinary project of itinerant artistic residencies. It is run by Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, in association with four european partners and a guadeloupean dance company, Métis’Gwa. Headed by two choreographers, Eric Mezino (Cie E.Go) and Gäetan Levêque (Collectif AOC), the project gathers twelve young european artists for a period of two years from may 2012.

After creating an artistic form mixing circus arts, hip hop dance and emerging cultures, they move to six residencies (Metropolitan France, Guadeloupe, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom) where they share their work with local emerging artists and young amateurs coming from priority neighbourhoods. At the end of each « residency step », the enriched creation will be presented during local cultural events.

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Culture European Programme. It aims to encourage the emerging artists professionalization and to support the recognition of emerging cultures from priority neighbourhoods.

Hip Cirq Europ, a major project

Past events

27 December 2013 – 6 January 2014 – Final residency in Amsterdam

This was the final event within the framework of Hip Cirq Europ, European project focusing on the emerging artists creativity mixing hip-hop and circus. During two weeks, 11 young artists coming from disadvantaged areas were given the opportunity to create together, strengthen the link with people coming from 4 different countries and professionalize themselves.
The result was a great show gathering all those beautiful energies and artistic universes!

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26 October – 10 November 2013, Guadeloupe (France)

The Hip Cirq Europ project mixing circus arts and hip hop stopped in Guadeloupe for its 7th residency from 26 October to 10 November.
The European artists coming from 4 countries were welcomed by the Guadeloupean artists and emerging artists from the organisation “Artchipel”. At the end of their residency, they presented their performance in two different locations on this Caribbean Island.
Social inclusion, professionalisation of the young artists and promotion of the European youth cultures are the key elements of this project.

14 – 23 September 2013, Brussels (Belgium) – Hip Cirq Europ

Hip Cirq Europ’ is a European project mixing different circus disciplines and Hip Hop. This wonderful artistic initiative gathers 11 European young artists coming from France, Finland, Guadeloupe, The Netherlands and Belgium.

The artists had been touring Europe for a year and they were back in Brussels for their second Belgian residency from 14 to 23 September 2013 where they performed during the community Festival “Embarquement Immédiat”.

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9 – 24 June 2013, Bagneux (France) – Hip Cirq Europ

The project Hip Cirq Europ gathering circus and hip-hop young artists and young emerging artists from 5 European countries goes on. This time, they worked in the premises of Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde where they refined their show and presented it during the amazing Festival “Hip Cirq Hop”.

26 April – 6 May 2013, Belfast (UK) – Hip Cirq Europ

The group of European young artists had a new meeting in Belfast where they worked on their artistic creation mixing circus arts and hip-hop. Ten emerging artists from Belfast joined them in order to intergrate the show and, consequently, improve their artistic and professional skills.

12 – 27 January 2013, Tampere (Finland) – Hip Cirq Europ

The project Hip Cirq Europ entered in Tampere into a new phase. The young artists went to Tampere for the first of their six residencies (Metropolitan France, Guadeloupe, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom) where they will share their work with local emerging artists and young amateurs coming from priority neighborhoods.

3 – 17 September 2012 (Brussels) – Culture programme: 2nd residency of the “Hip Cirq Europ” project

After a first step in France, the group of 12 young artists coming from all Europe and Guadeloupe was welcome in Brussels by the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles for their second residency. 2 weeks of training sessions has been concluded by a wonderful show, “Cabaret”, under the big top on 15 September 8.30pm at Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles.

June 2012 (Bagneux/Paris) – 1st residency

The first residency of the project took place in Bagneux where all the Young participants started to build the show together.