Circus Trans Formation

Based on the result of the previous European project, the aim of Circus Trans Formation was to create the 1st European 20-day training programme for social circus trainers. Respecting a tight schedule and supervised by a pedagogical team of experts led by Professor Emeritus Léopold Paquay, the project was a great success! The training has been tested and evaluated in 8 European countries.

The concrete result of Circus Trans Formation is the Guidebook for social circus trainers which provides guidelines in order to organise a training in social circus.

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Past events

1 – 2 July 2014, Brussels (Belgium) – Conclusion meeting – European Seminar: Circus arts, a tool for social inclusion.

Main event of the European project “Circus Trans Formation”, this seminar concluded a 5-year research carried out by Caravan and its partners in the educative field of social circus. This pedagogical work echoed studies on the social impact of circus arts and analysis on the global needs for social circus. The participants had the opportunity to be the first ones to be acquainted with the results of Circus Trans Formation: The European training programme for social circus trainers

During two days, professionals an amateurs in circus arts, coordinators of European networks, European, national and local political representatives and university researchers joined us to to exchange views on how can we further develop the sector in order to increase the benefits of social circus for the young people with fewer opportunities in Europe and beyond.

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27 – 29 May 2014, Stockholm (Sweden) – Head trainers meeting

Nearly 2 years after the project started, it was time for the head trainers to meet a last time and share their Circus Trans Formation experiences with the Curriculum Team who was is in charge of developing the curriculum.

The head trainers of each partner circus school presented an evaluation of their national training sessions. By sharing practical cases and concrete difficulties, the partners improve their understanding of teaching in particular social contexts. The Curriculum Team gathered the necessary final information in order to finalise the Guidebook for social circus trainers, which is to be officially presented during the European Seminar in Brussels in July 2014.


Circus Trans Formation – National training sessions

The first European training programme for social circus trainers is now designed and ready to be implemented. The 8 circus schools taking part in this project provided their trainers with the national session of the training programme on social circus.

This phase of the project took place from June 2013 to April 2014 in 8 European countries (UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Belgium and The Netherlands).


A part of the national training session

of the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles took place in Morocco.

25 – 29 mars 2013, Belfast (UK) – International Methodological training session

In the framework of the Circus Trans Formation project, this activity was the second International Methodological training session. The partners’ head trainers and trainers were back together in order to be taught the last teaching/learning units of the training programme for social circus trainers.


4 – 14 February 2013, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – International Methodological training session

One head trainer and two trainers coming from 8 different Caravan members, along with the Curriculum Team of experts met during 10 intensive days of work in Amsterdam. The objective was to bring together the partners’ trainers and head trainers in order to teach them and to experiment the curriculum and the teachers manual of the first European training programme for social circus trainers.

Workshops, lectures, practical sessions were led by experienced teachers from the artistic, circus and social fields. They transmitted to the trainers and head trainers the key elements for teaching how to become a social circus trainer.

A second International Methodological training session will take place in Belfast from 25 – 29 March 2013. This session will address more specifically the circus aspects of the curriculum.

17- 19 December 2012, Tampere (Finland) – Head trainers meeting

This 3-day meeting was the occasion for the Curriculum Team to present the work, they have been developing since the Kick-off meeting in September 2012, to the head trainers of 6 Caravan member schools.

The coldness and beauty of Tampere did not prevent our European team from working hard and from refining with great enthusiasm the curriculum and the teacher’s manual. This was an important step of the project because it gave the opportunity to each participant to make sure that their local contexts will be taken into account in the development of this first European training programme for social circus trainers.

sorin sirkus

26-28 September 2012 (Bucharest) – Kick-off meeting

Bucharest was the venue for our first meeting of our project “Circus Trans Formation”. What a better city to start a project on Social Circus than Bucharest where our member and host “Parada Foundation” has been using circus arts as a tool for inclusion to support the street kids since 1996.

The directors and head trainers of 8 Caravan members, along with a Curriculum Team of experts lead by the Université catholique de Louvain worked together during three days and gave an excellent and promising start to our project. This was the occasion for everyone to have a deep understanding of all the pedagogical and financial aspects of Circus Trans Formation.

We are now in the process of developing the first European training programme for social circus trainers. Caravan partners will meet several times in different locations in Europe to develop, refine and test the curriculum and teacher’s manual. Each partner will also organise and implement a 20-day national training session in their country. The results of this 2-year project will be officially presented during the Conclusion meeting between 1-3 July 2014 in Brussels.

The next step of Circus Trans Formation is the Head trainers meeting between 17-19 December 2012 in Tampere, Finland.