Caravan research

All through the years, Caravan has gained knowledge in the field of Youth and Social Circus, not only thanks to its concrete activities but also thanks to the research carried out in the framework of the European programmes.

Caravan research aims at favoring the professionalisation and developing the professional opportunities of the young actors working in the field of youth and social circus sector. To this end, Caravan and its members work with the most appropriate academic and scientific partners in order to make sure that the research has concrete and significant impacts.

For instance, Caravan has already implemented two 2-year large scale European research projects, which have led to the creation of the 1st European training programme for social circus trainers, namely called “Circus Trans Formation”.


2014 – 2016

Circus+ is a European research project financially supported by the European Commission under the Eramsmus+ programme. It aims at creating the foundations for the development of the 1st long term Youth and Social Circus training programme in Europe. To know more

Circus Trans Formation

2012 – 2014

Circus Trans Formation, the 2nd large scale European project of Caravan, developed a European short term training programme for social circus trainers. The outcome is the Guidebook for social circus trainers. To know more

Hip Cirq Europ’ – Artistic project

2012 – 2014

Hip Cirq Europ’ is a multidisciplinary European project aiming at encouraging the emerging artists professionalisation and to support the recognition of emerging cultures from priority neighborhoods. To know more

A New spirit for Europe

2009 – 2011

« Youth and social circus training – a new spirit for Europe » resulted to the creation of the framework of competences for social circus trainers and the definition of social circus. To know more