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Slovenian Circus Perspectives

Caravan was welcomed this weekend in Ljubljana (Slovenia) by Skala Fuskabo, Cirkokrog and Zavod Bufeto.

Along the organisation of the Klovnbuf Festival, the seminar  « Circus perspectives » was organized to bring together Slovenian actors from the field of youth circus. This small community is hoping to launch the first Slovenian umbrella of youth and social circus in order to develop the sector. Their first objective is to obtain a circus space to organise freely workshops and classes.

Caravan facilitated a workshop enabling the participants to discuss their vision of youth and social circus as well as learning from examples of European cooperation, networking and research towards the professionalization of the sector.

This seminar was a great occasion to understand the reality of circus for our partner, Skala; and hopefully will lead to further cooperation projects.


Caravan 2016 Annual Report is out !

Caravan just released its 2016 Annual Report highlighting an intense year of activities and development.

In 2016, not only Caravan received financial support from the European Commission, but it also benefited from a great development of its membership, gathering 19 partners.

2016, marked the final year of the project ” Circus + : Research on Youth and Social circus pedagogy“. Aiming at promoting the professionalization of the actors in the field of youth and social circus, the project created the job profiles for level 4 and 6 education, and developed 2 European frameworks of competences.

The results were presented in an international seminar that was held in Brussels, on June 29-30, 2017; entitled “Transformation through Circus Arts : A new narrative for Europe”.

2016, featured the implementation of Circus Transformation in Action, the  four-week Caravan training for trainers hosted by four Caravan partners. It also launched its second edition in November 2016.

Finally, as every year Caravan organized a youth exchange in Galway; offered opportunities for over 40 young volunteers and created connections between young artists to perform in youth festivals.

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CTF in Action 2 : Second Module in Sorin Sirkus (Finland)

During 5 days, twenty three participants from 12 Caravan members gathered in Tampere, Finland. The week was facilitated by two trainers from Sorin Sirkus, emphasizing on training planning, evaluation, learning mechanisms.
Starting from the planning of one training session, the week evolved towards the conception  of longer course planning, to the larger vision on projects and even the organisational structure of a circus school. Using various performing art tools such as theatre, voice, danse, statute, the participants were offered space to reflect on their practice as trainers.
They also creatively composed training courses gathering a great variety of aims/objectives, resources, target groups and tools. Managing these four elements, the group conceived original exercises using circus props. Through brainstorming sessions in big groups and smaller groups, each participant shared both theoretical knowledge on learning theories, group dynamics and different ways of evaluating both each training sessions and larger projects.
They brought all this reflection materials with them and will meet again in Brussels, from June 5 to June 9,2017 where the module will be focused on management and steering of teaching.



metisgwa capture-decran-2015-11-04-a-10-12-09sorinsirkuslogocmyklogoppcmbaselinefred-contrast-logologoGalway Community Circus Ecole de Cirque de BruxellesZaltimbanqCirqueon

CTF in Action : First meeting of the trainees in Belfast

The second Caravan Training for Trainers started last November. A group of twenty trainees coming from 11 Caravan partner organisations gathered in Belfast.

Hosted by Belfast Community Circus School, the trainees were welcomed by Will Chamberlain, the director.

This first module was introducing the trainees on the importance of the knowledge of the local context. Through various activities, very well facilitated by Nura and Nathalie, the participants shared their time between large group discussions, a full range of energizers and small group in depth talks.

Interesting discussions were held on the definitions of culture and identity.

The trainees also had time to reflect on the organisation they work for and the work they are doing. The diversity  of origines, places of work and perspectives amongst the group was very stimulating.

Moreover, the trainees had the opportunity to do a tour of Belfast, guided by two former political prisoners. Despite the freezing weather, this introduction into the history of the city was very inspiring.

Next meeting in February 2017 for the module on the « Art of teaching » that will be organized by Sorin Sirkus (Tampere, Finland).



metisgwa capture-decran-2015-11-04-a-10-12-09sorinsirkuslogocmyklogoppcmbaselinefred-contrast-logologoGalway Community Circus Ecole de Cirque de BruxellesZaltimbanqCirqueon

CTF in Action 2 – Social Circus Training of Trainers

CTF in Action 2 – Social Circus Training of Trainers

From November 2016 to September 2017

The training is based on a Caravan research directed in 2014 that led to the creation of the  Guidebook for Social Circus Trainers.  This manual is the outcome of a 5-year European research carried out by 2 universities, 8 Caravan members and the Caravan office.

The training will take place in 4 different places. There will be 4 sessions of 5 days.
The 1st session will take place from 21_25 November in Belfast (United-Kingdom) and will be delivered by Belfast Circus School.
The 2nd session will take place from 13 – 17 February 2017 in Tampere (Finland) and will be delivered by Sorin Sirkus.
The 3rd session will take place from 5 – 9 June 2017 in Brussels (Belgium) and will be delivered by Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles.
The last session will take place from 11– 19 September 2017 in Bagneux (France) and will be delivered by Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde.

Each session is focussing on specific TLUs or Teaching/Learning Units of the Guidebook for Social Circus Trainers. The first session deals  with TLU A « Social context ». The second session deals with TLU B « Act of teaching ». The 3rd session deals with TLU C « Management / Steering of teaching ». The 4th session deals with TLU E « Foundations » and TLU D « Circus Techniques & Creativity ».

The project gathers 10 Caravan members :
metisgwa capture-decran-2015-11-04-a-10-12-09sorinsirkuslogocmyklogoppcmbaselinefred-contrast-logologoGalway Community Circus Ecole de Cirque de BruxellesZaltimbanqCirqueon


Welcoming three new members

Caravan is expanding beyond Europe. This new move to expand the network outside Europe had already started a year ago when welcoming the Palestinian Circus School and Metis Gwa (Guadeloupe). It is now pursuing this development and introducing three new members :

logo-ssacc Seoul Street Arts Creation Center is the first street arts-and-circus base camp for production, practice, education, and distribution in Korea. Read more

israelcircusThe Israel Circus School is run by the Association for the Development of Circus Arts in Israel. ICS creates a space for multicultural activities for youth, that transcends the different nationalities, religions, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Read more

salida-circus-logoSince 2007, Salida Circus is offering circus training and performances as a personal development and community building tools for youth and adults in Chaffee County, Colorado and beyond. Read more

This new configuration will enable larger partnerships and create further opportunities for youth exchanges and continue dissiminating experiences through Trainings of Trainers.

CTF in Action – Social Circus Training for Trainers

The last session of the Caravan Social Circus Training for Trainers took place from 19 to 23 September in Belfast, Ireland. Belfast Circus School hosted twenty participants coming from 10 different European countries.

After teaching sessions in Cirkus Cirkör in October, Sorin Sirkus in February and Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles in June, this last module closes the CTF In Action project. Now the participants will go back to their different schools and contribute to the development of social circus in their local context.

During this last module, the participants were invited to reflect on the social context in which the circus training is taking place. Through research and collection of necessary information, they learnt to understand risks, adapt their pedagogical approach and analyse how to satisfy the expectations of the partners and the target group.

This module was the last session of a four-week training based on the Circus Trans formation guidebook, established in 2014 by the Caravan members.

The next Caravan Social Circus Training for Trainers will start in November 2016. For more information, please contact Caravan Circus Network :


European seminar: Transformation through Circus Arts – A new narrative for Europe

Caravan and Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles are pleased to invite you to the European Seminar: Transformation through Circus Arts – A new narrative for Europe which will take place on 29 and 30 June 2016 in Brussels. The seminar is supported by the Erasmus+ programme, the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region.
For more info on the seminar, please click here:
Invitation seminar

CTF in Action – Social Circus Training for Trainers

The second session of the Caravan Social Circus Training for Trainers is happening now from 15 to 19 February in Finland!
After Cirkus Cirkör, it is now time for Sorin Sirkus to host all the future social circus trainers for 5 days. The Caravan members’ participants are coming from 10 different European countries. During this intense learning week, they will be taught specific competences on the “Act of Teaching” based on the Circus Trans Formation Guidebook.
Where are they heading to for the next two last sessions ? Belgium in June and United Kingdom in September ! After these four sessions, they will be the first lucky ones to have completed this international mobile version of the 20-day Caravan social circus training programme. No worries for the ones who missed it, other sessions will be organised!
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